sexual energy is Your superpower.

I am so sick of women telling themselves that there’s this mandatory trade-off between professionalism and sexiness when it comes to brand development. I’m on a mission to untangle the confusion so that you can build passion, sensuality and sex appeal into your professional brand-image. Presenting…


Combining strategic brand development with principles of sex appeal, Bombshell Branding gives you an all-access pass to custom-designed branding that’s sexy by nature. If you want a brand that fully uses your energy, from soul to skin, and allows you to own your power, Bombshell Branding is your answer.

Here’s the Breakdown

Phase I – Brand pre-construction + Truth

Bombshell Branding Luxe CoverYou’ll jump into this exploratory phase by learning the truths of what a brand is – and isn’t, craft your brand with a foundation of authenticity, and embrace your truth so it can be molded to strengthen your brand against any storms or threats formed against it. You’ll walk away with strong knowledge of what makes your brand important, cultivate the energy needed to craft your brand, and begin putting in the structure of your sexiness from a place of pure truth and sincerity.

Brand Definition + Inspiration: Identify the true meaning of what it is to have a brand, and handpick several brands you can learn from

The True Secret to Bombshell Branding: Discover the big, fat, hairy secret to creating an authentic brand that resonates with you

Express Your Truth: Vulnerability is sexy – and scary. Learn how to be vulnerable and tough so you can be true to yourself and stand in your power – even when someone attempts to blow your house down



Bombshell Branding Luxe Cover PHASE 2

Refine your brand message. Give structure to your brand strategy. Figure out what specifically you’re branding – and organize your brand development hierarchy appropriately. This section builds the structure necessary for you to take the concepts and principles of brand creation and easily fuse them to the more abstract and creative aspects further along the road.

– Define Your Big BangDiffuse the clutter in your brand to figure out the golden thread weaving your mission together – the “Big Bang” that makes your brand valuable.

Soul Tribe Creation: Design the perfect customer avatar based upon one of your favorite people in the world. (It’s so easy, you might kick yourself for not knowing.)

Defined Brand Hierarchy: Get the perfect brand hierarchy to help you organize several brands (if you have them) of products, services, and personas, into one easy-to-digest family tree.




Bombshell Branding Luxe Cover PHASE 3

The colors, Duke! The colors!

Color is the visual communication of emotions, sentiments, and energy. The colors you select for your brand deliver messages to customers regarding what they can expect from you. Is your brand sending all the right messages, or will you need to update your color scheme?

Design Your Color Palette: Use intuition and insight to communicate effectively with your audience through the use of color.

Explore the Sensuality of Color: Learn which colors express passion, love, trust, purity, communication, harmony, sexuality, wealth – and more.

Brand color schemes in action : with explanations included, so you can see how other Bombshell Brands are using color to communicate.



PHASE IV: Sex, Sensuality, Design & Value

Bombshell Branding Luxe Cover PHASE 4

Ayyyyye mami. This is where it gets supersexy.

Sexual energy is our creative energy – but there are so many ways this energy is blocked. Tap into your sexual energy for your brand. There’s no apologies here, and nothing to be ashamed of. Dig into the dynamics of sexual energy, web design, and unapologetic brand value.

Must-Haves for Sexy Web Design: From Typography to Logo Designs, I’ve got you covered.

Secrets of Sexual Energy + Professional Sex Appeal:  Own and Embrace Your Wild Feminine Sensuality from Head to Toe, Online and Off – without Apologies, and Help from Ladies Rockin’ the World’s Oldest Profession.

Clear Sexual Blocks: We’ve all got Sexual Blocks that are Preventing us from Experiencing Maximum Financial and Sexual Pleasure – in Your Life and Your Brand

Bonus: 30 minute strategy session (value $500)

With your purchase, you’ll also receive a 30 minute strategy session to talk about your brand strategy with me. Ask me anything during those 30 minutes. Contact me to schedule after your purchase.

Preview Bombshell Branding

Bombshell Branding is seriously the sh*t – but it’s only for women who are sexy, focused, ambitious – and plan to be wildly successful.

I know how scary it can be to invest in something without knowing if you’ll even like it. That’s why I’ve gone ahead and prepared this sampler for you. This right here is the first lesson – from Phase I.

Read or watch The Entire First Lesson Right Here!






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