I’m Lauryn Doll:

the Bombshell Brand Strategist™

I supersoak Brands with sex appeal

I’m only for the Sexy, Focused, Ambitious – and Wildly Successful

NEED a brand that’s FEMININE, sensual, energetically mind-blowing – and oozes luxury? 

I am your woman 

… But Are We a Great Match?

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Crazy Sexy Confident

You ooze an enviable amount of confidence and sex appeal. There’s no beauty serum that could mimick your glow. It’s real, it stems from within, based upon years of learning to love yourself like Kanye loves Kanye. You’re down to Earth, but your confidence is read as arrogance, because self-love shouldn’t be so damn ethereal.

The Gift & The Curse

Beauty, pro-sexuality and intelligence cannot simply congregate in one human form. The concept is just too much for some people. Uninhibited perfectionism rages wildly through your veins. You overachieve regularly to prove beauty, brains and hustle harmoniously coexists.

Hunger for More

 You have an insatiable desire to succeed at something. Your hunger for more is matched with an undeniable, unquenchable thirst. You were born for this purpose, and you’ll never be satisfied until you’ve accomplished your goal. You’re out to get it or die trying.