I’m Lauryn Doll:

the Feminine client attraction Strategist™

i create brand, sales, and marketing strategies for lifestyle brands that are: sexy, focused, ambitious – and desire to be wildly successful.

can We kick it?

things Clients and I have in common:

We Radiate Confidence

We believe in ourselves and what we came to to. Our self-confidence is the result of learning to love ourselves when we were taught not to and taking risks in the pursuit of our dreams.

Beauty: Our Gift & Our Curse

We’re proof sexiness + spirituality can go hand in hand with beauty + intelligence. We get them commas and them decimals. (And we don’t have to give it up ’cause we’re professionals.)

We Hunger for More

We have insatiable desires to realize our ambitions. Our hunger for more is matched with an undeniable, unquenchable thirst for success. Ain’t no quittin’ baby. We’re born for this.