“Lauryn – you are a true professional and a woman who has so much depth and you continue to want to grow! Not only does she ask the right questions, she is in love with knowledge and growth. She is remarkable! BEST WRITER EVER!”

– Siggy Flicker, Love and Life Expert, VH1 Personality,  SiggyFlicker.com


“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Lauryn to re-polish some of my content. One thing I can say is that she’s definitely “Sexy, Focused, Ambitious” when it comes to her work. This woman oozes with ambition and works to meet and exceed expectations as much as possible. Lauryn’s innovative and unique way of thinking has assisted me in amplifying my online presence. I’ve already had a website and strategy prior to working with Ms. Doll, however her added “brand sexification” has added sizzle to my delivery, and facilitated client attraction. Only work with her if you’re ready to transcend traditional inhibitions to manifest alluring energy through sound design, marketing and branding strategy.”

– Kadena Tate, Accelerated Business Monetization + Strategy Expert, KadenaTate.com


“As creator of Battle of the Sexes, I wear many hats, including that of media coordinator. This includes managing the website, themes, social media outreach and event promotions and marketing. I hired Lauryn to create some promotional materials and she knocked it out of the park.

I can say from experience that Lauryn believes in bringing the sexy to everything you do as a business owner, from the way you conceive a product, service or event to the way you execute it. Sexy a la Wild Topaz is not about putting “sex” in everything, but moreso using upscale, professional, alluring and customized products and services that have appeal to them, like a guilty pleasure. Nothing you’ll have with Lauryn will be plain or indistinct unless you want it to be. She’s all about looking at your needs and creating powerful solutions – and like a perfect lover, she won’t stop until you get exactly what you want.”

– Telisha Ng, Goddess Intellect Personality, Love & Relationship Coach and Battle of the Sexes Creator, GoddessIntellect.com & BattleoftheSexes.com


“Lauryn took my brief for my Retreat sales page and came back with sizzling copy  that accurately tells the readers about both the depth and the relaxation of this holiday. It’s as if she turned a black and white photo into a full color photo – you can almost smell it! She also gave me some very helpful feedback about the whole layout and presentation of my sales page. Thank you Lauryn!”

– Claire P. Hayes, EFT Practitioner, ClairePHayes.com

“Working with Lauryn is an empowering experience. For me, one of the areas that I struggle with is taking raw talent and ideas from concept to proof. Through introducing me to developing systems for workflow and teaching me to focus and hone an idea, Lauryn has helped me to take my ambitions and drive from being overwhelming to fine-tuned and focused. I have gone from being an ideas person to an initiative person. I highly recommend her!”

– Tearyne, Author


“Lauryn is intuitive, down to earth and awesome. We worked together to design copy for my brand. Lauryn didn’t just provide a solution; she helped me understand the strategy for the solution by breaking down the structure of the copy. I now understand its flow and how it meets my objectives with crystal clear precision. I also enjoyed that Lauryn isn’t the type of copywriter who will only meet with you over Skype or with appointments two weeks in advance. She’s highly accessible before, during and after the project is completed, and will answer your questions in a professional, yet relatable and pleasant manner.”

– Aycee B., Photographer + Editor-in-Chief, YouConfident.com


“I have had the pleasure of working with Lauryn. She has helped me in searching for PR companies, guided me in how to write a blog as well as techniques for overall writing projects. She has also helped me with setting up my hosting with my domain names for my site as well as the page. Lauryn has never been afraid to share information and help give me some guidance in my prospective ventures. She is knowledgable in her field and always working to better herself. Lauryn is always very honest about her abilities but if time permits she is willing to learn new things that will add to her wealth of knowledge as well as perfect her craft and help her client achieve their goal. She is not afraid to leave her comfort zone and because of that I have been satisfied with working with Lauryn in the past and definitely look forward to working with her in the future.”

– Antonia, Luxury Jewelry Designer + Quality Assurance Strategist, Zaniyah Reine, ZaniyahReine.com

“Lauryn oozes sex appeal and professionalism – she takes your concept and makes it irresistible, professional and magnetic! She incorporated my passion of Brancusi’s work – simplicity and elegance – in brand design, including the logo. Thank you Lauryn!”

– Monica Popa, Facilitator + Cross Cultural Coach, MonicaPopa.com