Telisha Goddess IntellectI was at a stage in the book writing process where I had a concept for my first book, but no idea how to go from word doc draft to selling on Amazon.

I found working with Lauryn very beneficial because I was given an opportunity create a detailed outline book before writing which helped me speed up the writing process ten-fold.

Lauryn helped filter out chapters that were irrelevant to the book’s theme, and showed me how to repurpose that content for future products. Her one-on-one coaching was priceless; I learned a lot about the differences between ebook and traditional book publishing.

With a hectic work schedule, it really helped that she was flexible when it came to scheduling our one-on-one Skype sessions together. She has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to book writing, content marketing and self-publishing and is very patient and professional.

I recommend Lauryn’s to anyone who has a wonderful book concept and simply needs the support and motivation to become a Top seller on Amazon. – Telisha ♠ Love & Relationship Blogger & Social Media Consultant,  Goddess Intellect ♠ Toronto, CA



I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with Lauryn on a couple of projects, and one of the things that truly impressed me about her is her mastery of inbound marketing content. She understands the space, understands her target audience, is entrenched in social media and leverages her presence to drive traffic to her content. I learned a lot from seeing her work, and admire the confidence that she has in her abilities and her capability to back that confidence up with exceptional work. She’s awesome. – Jim Dougherty ♠ LeadersWest ♠ Cincinnati, OH



L. Raquel is beyond knowledgeable about WordPress, website design, and the ins and outs of SEO. She is patient and very concise in her explanations. We actually were so impressed with her consulting we felt she was worth more than the originally agreed fee; so we paid more! I highly recommend her. – L. Martin Johnson Pratt ♠ Politic 365 ♠ New York, NY


“Working with Lauryn is an empowering experience. For me, one of the areas that I struggle with is taking raw talent and ideas from concept to proof. Through introducing me to developing systems for workflow and teaching me to focus and hone an idea, Lauryn has helped me to take my ambitions and drive from being overwhelming to fine-tuned and focused. I have gone from being an ideas person to an initiative person. I highly recommend her!” – Tearyne