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Tell Me, So What-The-F***s A Happy Life, Anyway?

Jason Fonceca Urban Shaman

Hey everyone!

The comments and feedback have been pouring in on Facebook, Twitter and my emails regarding my Kindle post and charts – thank you so much. I know there are millions of questions to ask – especially in terms of marketing, promotion and time management. It’s all good, let them pour in. I’ll be getting to those soon.

I just wanted to spread the message about a hot new infographic series that will revolutionize your personal life and resonate through your business.

Remember Jason Fonceca, that digital urban shaman who totally killed it in a podcast session with me back in June? Yes the same Jason I mentioned in my article a few weeks ago about rockstars mastering life and biz?

Well, head over to Ryze Online, Jason’s hub and check out Ryze’s “So What-The-F***s A Happy Life, Anyway?” It’s brilliant, beautiful, fresh new – and I helped contribute to its development, so I know you’ll love it. 

Alden Tan, of Passion On The Real said this about it:

“A completely real and down-to-earth view on personal development, that playfully switches between zen-like mindfulness & ready-to-fight stance. And it comes with simple exercises. There’s no really reason why this can’t make you a better person.”

What is it?

It’s a GIANT 5-Part Info-graphic Series on living a happy life.

Click here to get it now.

After you get the infographic, read it, and share it.

You’ll look damn good sharing it, and Jason and I’d really appreciate it.

As J-Ryze says: Keep ryzin’ :)

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