Kelly Diels Discusses the Female Empowerment Brand Illusion, Persuasion Triggers, and Success Symbols in Marketing

Kelly Diels - Sexy Focused Ambitious

Kelly Diels is a copywriter and a Marketing Communications Specialist. She specializes in crafting website content (bios, work-with-me pages, sales pages, blog posts, lions, tigers, bears) and integrated online campaigns.

Kelly, also a freelance writer, provides insightful viewpoints through her essays at Salon,Jezebel and xoJane.

Kelly has a BA with honours in Poli Sci and is “an unrepentant feminist.”

“My feminism is about justice.

Love + Justice. Always.

And in all things – including careers, excellence and entrepreneurship. Because, straight up, the reason so many of us get thwarted is not because we don’t lean in (though it helps when we do, aggressively) but because we’re barred entry. The glass ceiling is real.

So is the cement resume. Because here’s the truth: some of us are actively prevented from even getting started.

I digress.”

Kelly and I discussed:

  • The illusion of the Female Empowerment Brand
  • Understanding the structure of persuasion triggers in brand marketing
  • Reclaiming the power of responsibility women have in their business decisions
  • Holding business coaches accountable for their declaration of investment
  • Why your truth is intoxicating, and the edges are our future

Kelly and I had a fabulous time. She’s fierce, eloquent, articulate, and so fucking conscious of who she is and what she stands for. Dig in.







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