Kissy Denise Talks Being Comfortable in Your Femininity, The Importance of Knowing Who You Are, and Setting Standards for Romantic Relationships

Kissy Denise of @AskKissy blog Kissy Denise has been a blogger since 2011. Since that time, she’s seen a lot of ups, downs, and changes within the industry. Despite the odds, she’s managed to create a sustainable brand that gives her a channel for thoughts, engagement, and interaction.

Kissy and I had an in-depth conversation about her brand, Ask Kissy, the blogging business, the changes that have made the industry tougher to get involved in, and her general modus operandi in life, which is to do you, period, and let the audience fall into place. We also spent some time discussing sex appeal, feminine wiles, and how they play into business.

Kissy and I discussed:

  • Why celebrities have taken over the blogosphere – and its effect on the industry
  • Why she doesn’t consider herself a celebrity blogger, but a human interest blogger
  • Adapting to the game of life when you’re comfortable with your feminine sexuality and appeal
  • The importance of knowing who you are, and being unwavering in your self-identity
  • God’s gift to you – whatever it is – as a means for prosperity and not charity
  • Developing strong standards as a sexy, confident, and powerful woman when you’re dating

I enjoyed every moment present with Kissy. She’s as gorgeous and stimulating mentally as she is spiritually. If you’re looking for a refreshing conversation on business, spirituality, and standards, look no further. Press play and dive in.




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Lauryn Doll is the Bombshell Brand strategist and copywriter. She’s intensely focused on helping professional brands develop a sensual and feminine edge for a deliberate dose of sex appeal that provides tease without sleaze