Eunique Divination Discusses Esoteric and Occult Knowledge, Programming, Tarot, and Sigils

eunique divinationEunique has always been singled out for her extraordinary name. Having grown up in various communities, she’s seen the comforts of Cape Cod and the grit and grime of Philly.

Her life up to this point has spanned a variety of occupations, including childhood education and law enforcement. But it wasn’t until she dove deep into esoterics and spiritual knowledge that her purpose truly blossomed.

Eunique currently imparts spiritual wisdom through divination, esoterics, and knowledge. Her dedicated study of esoteric and occult culture has led to a transformation of her life, and the development of her burgeoning business, Eunique Divination, which has blossomed over its 3 month lifespan.

Kick back and listen to this late night session with a powerful soul.

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Jasmine Hall Shares How to Find Luxury Event Space on a Budget, Putting Together Your Corporate Event, and Why You Need a Team

J5Have you ever wanted to plan an event, but weren’t sure how to make it sexy, fun, successful, and profitable?

Jasmine Hall is the event planner for women entrepreneurs. She specializes in helping women who’ve decided to create kickass events for their business plan and execute retreats, workshops, and other corporate events.

“My mission, as an event planner for female entrepreneurs, is to support and empower women to create fun, high level, signature events that are truly unique to them and their businesses. I’m located in Northwest Indiana, about an hour away from Chicago, but my clients are all over the world. My business is 7 months old, but I’ve been in the event industry for over 3 years. I love my work and being able to support women in their businesses through my skills and passion for events!”

This was an amazing conversation in which time flew. Not only did I learn reasons why some of my previous event attempts didn’t work, but I also realized the true power having a corporate event planner can have on helping you put together a corporate event for your brand that really meets your audience where they’re at.

Kick back and listen.

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Lauryn Doll Discusses Sexual Energy, Unshakeable Confidence in Bombshell Branding, and Feminine Client Attraction

lauryn doll sexy focused ambitiousYou know me as the voice behind Sexy Focused Ambitious, but who the hell am I – Lauryn Doll – and where did I come from?

Glad you asked.

I’m a brand strategist who uses copywriting, expression, media, and sexual energy to create a brand for you that’s sexy by nature.

My clients tend to be men and women who are sexual, sensual, athletic, primal, and love money, sex, life, and God. They’re hustlers by nature, they never give up – and they don’t know anything else besides their passion.

In this episode, I’m actually a guest on The Protocol Praxis, hosted by Suzanne G. Pedro, available on Voice America.

Kick back and listen.

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Hound Da God Discusses the Mythology of Consciousness, Ghetto Geekz, and Mental Stimulation

Hound Da God is a hip hop artist and founder of Ghetto Geekz, an artistic production house that channels music, film, comic books, and gaming through a raw, conscious, and streetwise perspective.

Hound and I connected at the request of several listeners who felt he was a great fit for the show. Needless to say, we made things happen swiftly, and we’re proud to present the result.

Kick back and listen.

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HardBody Ronnie Talks Instagram Fitness Scammers, Keeping Powerful People Around You, and Why a 300 Pound Woman is Sexier than a Size 2

ronnie2Ronnie “HardBodyRonnie” Wilson has been into fitness damn near all his life. It’s been over 10 years since the Houston native started his HBR Fitness brand, but he’s expanded beyond the industry. Watching Ronnie’s videos, you get a glimpse of something more. He’s intelligent, honest, charismatic, and insanely funny. He’s also insightful, open-minded, and ready to discuss anything at a moment’s notice.

Ronnie’s presence and personality have made him a growing icon in Houston. As he prepares to expand his business beyond HBR Fitness, Ronnie and I chat about fitness, what it takes to really lose weight, and muse on sex, relationships, and of course his plans for brand development. .

Ronnie and I discussed:

  • Why his personality is key to his success as a trainer
  • The crazy truth about fitness gurus on Instagram and other forms of social media
  • How hookup culture has destroyed our ability to court
  • Why transforming the Black community involves taking personal responsibility against ourselves
  • Unsolicited pictures – giving them, getting them, and who really wants them
  • Why keeping a tight circle of ambitious people is important.

Warning – this was a long ass conversation. Nothing was held back. We talked for 90 minutes. But it was powerful and entertaining in many places. I loved this conversation and look forward to sharing it with you.



Ronnie’s Instagram: @hardbodyronnie
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Lauryn’s Instagram: @lauryndoll

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Lauryn Doll is the Bombshell Brand strategist and copywriter. She’s intensely focused on helping professional brands develop a sensual and feminine edge for a deliberate dose of sex appeal that provides tease without sleaze