Drumma Boy Discusses Not Giving Up, Originality, Importance of Social Media for Music Promotion

Drumma Boy Holding a Chain

Christopher Gholson, nee Drumma Boy, is one of the most powerful forces in the hiphop music industry today. Responsible for breaking artists like Plies, Waka Flocka and 2 Chainz when they’re looking to set themselves apart from the competition in the game, Gholson’s classically inspired beats have been used to invoke dramatic performances, and even served as foundations for teaching quadratic equations in schools.

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Hot Sex on a Platter: Sex Makes You Think & Grow Rich

I’m going to be real – this post in particular is going to be sexually explicit. We’re all adults, right? So I’m going to say this, and it will be respectfully understood without getting out of hand and thrown out of context. Think deep and allow me to go there with you, or move to another post.

I’m lusty and sensual by nature; by chance, perhaps you are too. Have you ever wondered if there was a link between your sex drive and how successful you are in general? Have you ever struggled through an extended creative slump that, for whatever reason, seemed to have no end in sight? If so, did you ever examine your libido and its relationship to your creative skills? Continue reading