A Lady’s Guide to Sexual Empowerment: Confidence in the Bedroom + Boardroom

Sexual vitality is powerful. In addition to giving you an undeniable, blissful glow, sexual energy turbocharges your confidence and sends it soaring well beyond the bedroom. It’s this confidence that makes it easier for you to assert yourself in all areas of life. As a sexually empowered woman, you’ll know how to get what you want when you want it – unapologetically.

Sexual Empowerment: Nature or Nurture?

How many women do you personally know that just naturally ooze sex appeal? 5? 10? 40? Some ladies ooze sexiness 24/7, and others can only manage to do so on special occasions; yet it seems as if most of us have no control over ourselves. 

No matter our level of awareness, many women desire to fully embrace and understand their sexual power. Operating from a sexually-empowered place gives you the ability to really own yourself at your most feminine and express the varying degrees of sensuality and femininity you possess, even if you elect not to overtly put your sensuality on display except during private occasions. 

Sexually empowered womanDefining the Sexually Empowered Women

We’re enjoying all this talk about sexual empowerment, but what does it mean to be sexually empowered?

A sexually empowered woman is confident in who she is. She is whole in all areas of life. She understands that being sexually empowered includes, but is not exclusive to, confidence expressed in sexual situations. This woman knows exactly what she wants out of every life situation, and leverages her sexual energy as a creative force to go get it.

Sexually empowered women are passionate about everything that they want. Every sexually confident woman knows the world is her oyster. She can get whatever she wants, even if it means she has to put in work to get it. Why? Because she operates from a belief that she’s got it like that.

Ready to Be Sexually Empowered?

As you have obviously read, there’s more to being a sexually empowered than bringing a man to his knees in bed. When you’re sexually empowered, you can take all your feminine wiles and utilize them on anyone, anywhere, anytime to manifest a life of your personal design. You don’t become sexually empowered through promiscuity because you know climbing the corporate ladder doesn’t mean exploiting your sexuality and sleeping your way to the top. You have sex only when and with whom you desire, because your confidence and belief in yourself gets you where you want to go.

Now that we’ve clarified what it means to be a sexually-empowered woman, it’s time to discuss what you can do to realize your potential as one.

sexual empowerment1. Learn to love yourself

You cannot operate from a place of sexual empowerment when you’re harboring negative thoughts about yourself and your body. Ditch the self-hate and reframe your mind to appreciate who you are and the bodacious body you were given. Even if you don’t like the way your body looks, it’s easier to manifest changes in your appearance when you operate with tough love as opposed to vitriolic disgust.

Most of the time, if we see something we don’t like, such as extra weight or chronic dry skin, it’s the result of previous neglectful behavior in our self-care – like failing to exercise or exfoliate regularly – over time. Showing ourselves and our bodies tender love and care on a regular basis. Ladies, there’s power in putting yourselves first.

Love yourself by pampering yourself. Pick up an exercise routine that resonates with your feminine energy, like yoga, pole or burlesque dancing. Start increasing your intake of healthy, sexy foods. You’ll not only look great, but you’ll feel great, too. These are just some tricks you can use while embarking on your self-love journey.

Are you mad at Rihanna being unapologetically sexy as well?2. Get used to your body

Get used to your body. Own it. Spend more time in the nude. Walk around the house topless – or fully naked – and steal glances at yourself in the mirror. Sleep naked and luxuriate in the way your sheets feel against your skin. The more time you spend in your own skin, the more comfortable you will be in it around your lover. This does wonders for your public self-confidence as well.

3. Figure out what you like

Being sexually empowered means owning your sexuality – but you can’t own your sexuality if you don’t know your preferences. Invest time into exploring what you do and don’t like. Start off alone, and purchase a bullet vibrator, Hitachi Magic Wand or other discrete erotic toy from Adam and Eve and start exploring. Knowing your body and how it reacts to different forms of pleasure is a wonderful tool for increasing your sense of sexual empowerment and becoming more assertive of what you want and deserve.

4. Forget about what others think

A sexually empowered women neither cares what others think of her nor does she base her decisions upon them. Never let other people dictate how you feel about yourself, how you live your life or what you think. Your life was given to you; you live with the choices you make, so as long as you’re fully informed of all the possibilities that can result from your decisions, whatever you decide is your business.

Sexually Empowered Women5. Know what you deserve

Sexually empowered women know they deserve respect, a good relationship, a great career and sexual satisfaction. Ditch the guy who isn’t treating you right, stand up for yourself in your personal and professional life, and never back down from fighting for what you want. Put yourself first – from your health and well-being to your career – and you’ll find that others will do the same for you as well.

6. Pick it up

If you don’t already,  put more time into your appearance. I’m not saying that you have to wear make up; if that’s not your thing, it’s not your thing, but take pride in what you’re wearing. Wear clothes that flatter your body and complement your complexion confident; when you dress in accordance with what looks great on you, you’ll feel amazingly confident. When you feel good about yourself, you show up stronger and more vibrant as opposed to dull and unsure of yourself. Don’t wear anything that makes you feel uncertain of yourself; there’s nothing sexy about uncertainty.

Back up your confident wardrobe by walking tall with your head held high. Knowing how to strut and walk with confidence combined with an attractive appearance magnifies your confidence and draws attention and respect from others.

Sexual empowerment is vital to living powerfully. I’ve given you plenty of steps to start applying tools for sexual confidence in your life. They can be overwhelming to apply all at once, so I encourage you to work through them at your own pace. Don’t be afraid to “fake it” ’til you make it either. Reframing your mindset from the start and acting as if you’re already operating from a place of sexual empowerment and confidence can literally propel you to truly being sexually empowered and confident sooner than you think. 😉

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