Publishing A Book Like a Boss: 10 Things You Should Know

Quill and Ink - 10 things I wish I knew about writing books

When I first started writing books, I admit I was doing a quick and dirty experiment. It was a leap of faith. I didn’t know I would begin to see my financial outlook transform in the manner that it did.

I’ve come to love and enjoy the idea of writing books for self-sustainability. Product creation is an amazing tool for making money online, and in general. Creating your own product gives you the ability to expand your resources, such as time and money, ultimately giving you leeway to accomplish things you might have only dreamed of before.

Thus said, if you’re writing, or thinking of writing, your first book, this podcast discusses 10 things you should know during this process. These are things I did not consider, and that nobody told me until well after I started publishing. Had I known these things prior to making money from books, I’m sure my publishing empire might have grown much more smoothly and consistently than it has.

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