Meryl Ranzer Talks Sensual Ecstasy, Laughing Pussies, and Art

Meryl1Meryl Ranzer is a pleasure maven and relationship expert with an explicit focus on sensual ecstasy. Her career has never been less than extraordinary; she’s been everything from a top flight fashion designer to visual and performance artist, as well as a creative consultant, an instructor at Parsons and FIT, and super-fitness junkie. The world changing movement she leads, Laughing Pussies, is focused on outrageous, fearless, eye-opened living and people being all that they are meant to be. She lives happily in NYC with her two loves: her husband and son.

Meryl and I discussed:

  • Laughing Pussies, and its mission to help women reclaim their sensuality
  • Why men are trapped within the confines of masculinity and masculine gender roles
  • How women are sexually objectified against their own right to pleasure
  • How Orgasmic Meditation (OM) helped her become sexually irresistible to her husband
  • How her financial energy and relationship to money shifted in relation to developing her sensuality
  • The importance of art for expression and social activism

Although not completely planned, this podcast happened on the heels of the violent police shooting in Dallas after a week of protests and activism. Meryl and I do discuss this in our show, with hopes to help us all understand violence is a symptom, not an answer.




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