Lauryn Doll Discusses Sexual Energy, Unshakeable Confidence in Bombshell Branding, and Feminine Client Attraction

lauryn doll sexy focused ambitiousYou know me as the voice behind Sexy Focused Ambitious, but who the hell am I – Lauryn Doll – and where did I come from?

Glad you asked.

I’m a brand strategist who uses copywriting, expression, media, and sexual energy to create a brand for you that’s sexy by nature.

My clients tend to be men and women who are sexual, sensual, athletic, primal, and love money, sex, life, and God. They’re hustlers by nature, they never give up – and they don’t know anything else besides their passion.

In this episode, I’m actually a guest on The Protocol Praxis, hosted by Suzanne G. Pedro, available on Voice America.

Kick back and listen.

Suzanne and I discussed:

  • Branding with your natural feminine mystique and energy
  • The mythology of pink femininity – and what it truly means to be feminine
  • “Sexy ugly people” and they secret to unshakeable confidence
  • How I deal with clients who want me to tell them to lose weight to be sexy
  • Glamour versus luxury branding – and showing women/men they are luxury brands
  • Why good girls go to Heaven, but the road to Hell is paved with rich experiences




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Lauryn Doll is the Bombshell Brand strategist and copywriter. She’s intensely focused on helping professional brands develop a sensual and feminine edge for a deliberate dose of sex appeal that provides tease without sleaze