Hot Sex on a Platter: Sex Makes You Think & Grow Rich

I’m going to be real – this post in particular is going to be sexually explicit. We’re all adults, right? So I’m going to say this, and it will be respectfully understood without getting out of hand and thrown out of context. Think deep and allow me to go there with you, or move to another post.

I’m lusty and sensual by nature; by chance, perhaps you are too. Have you ever wondered if there was a link between your sex drive and how successful you are in general? Have you ever struggled through an extended creative slump that, for whatever reason, seemed to have no end in sight? If so, did you ever examine your libido and its relationship to your creative skills?

I’ve personally noticed there’s a positive correlation between my sex drive and creative productivity, especially when I’m feeling hornier than a 40-year-old virgin, (or libidinous for you proper folks ;)). I find when I work through these moments long enough, I’m able to channel my drive in a productive manner, and as a result, I produce wildly creative content that’s not only magnetic, but resonates strongly with my audience. As time progresses using this strategy, I invoke a stronger, more favorable response from my audience that gets the desired results on an increasingly consistent basis.

It’s funny, though, because nobody relates to me on this. Nobody. Every time I tell my friends about this, and ask them if this happens to them, most of them give me the super-squinty side eye.

Me: *Excited* “Dudes, everytime I seem to get a rush of creative energy, I also get like really horny and excited. And whenever I am extremely horny, I come up with a bunch of ideas that give me a rush and perpetuates the cycle, especially when it’s ‘been a while’, you know? Does this happen to you?” 😀

Friends: *Screwface and disbelief* “No, Lauryn, that’s just you, and that’s nothing surprising. Everything makes you horny.” 🙄 😆

Me: *Zorak glare* 😡 😕

Turns out though, I’m not alone in this. In fact, this very quirk, crazy as it sounds, is a defining characteristic of highly successful people.

Sex and Success: Sex Transmutation

“I believe sex and sexiness are as important as eating, drinking, and working out, and yet more often than not, so many of us are willing to set sex aside, dismiss its importance, or simply let it drift to the back burner of our busy, multitasking daily lives. And that’s where we get into trouble… When you become the sexiest, most fabulous and vibrant version of you – with full-throttle confidence, self-love, and an active pursuit of the sexual satisfaction you deserve – all of your life’s other endeavors will benefit.”

– Dana B. Myers, Owner, Booty Parlor & Author of Booty Parlor Makeover Mojo

Dana B. Myers, whose book I’ve been reading for personal leisure and the pursuit of women’s self-improvement, hit the nail right on the head with this statement. I fully agree that your sexual energy is a strong part of who you are, even when you’re not being sexual and/or deliberately engaging in sexual activity. At its highest form, sex has creative power; it creates life. No other act on Earth, no matter how wholesome, pure or kinky it is, can create life and impact the world through its energy the way sex does.

And if you think that sex isn’t something to be respected, or that looking at sex from a reverent point of view is the wrong idea to have, then I’ll need to remind you someone paired up with someone else to give you the ability to be here right now. 😐

Create a healthy space in your life for sex, complete with an empowering maintenance routine for your sexuality. Accepting your sexual nature as a natural part of you, then incorporate it into your life in a manner that empowers and invigorates you. By doing so, you’re giving yourself the power to overcome many personal shortcomings, including any self-acceptance issues, which, when properly leveled, boost your confidence, give you an improved sense of self, better assertion, personal morale and well-being in all areas of your life.

I might sound crazy, but I’m telling the truth. You can opt to ignore your natural, sexual self and downplay it to the best of your ability, or you can positively accept sex transmutation as a lifeskill to holistically incorporate into all aspects of your life and become purposefully creative beyond what you whip up in the bedroom. I’m just saying.

Think & Grow Rich with Sex Appeal

Now that we’ve ironed out why a high sex drive is okay to have, and how it can be creatively harnessed to improve your life overall, let’s become equally turned on to the idea of using sexual transmutation to “find a solution or creative innovation” to challenges in your life and business.

Mixing passion and pleasure to become successful isn’t an antiquated theory; today we’re always bombarded with these great messages to “follow your passion and the money will come!”

Being a Hornball Makes You Rich & Sexy

Most people have read, or at least heard of Napoleon Hill’s bestselling classic, Think & Grow Rich, and reference it often to improve their mastery of life and business. Despite this truth, almost nobody mentions Hill’s highly specific and explicitly written anecdotes on sex transmutationor the ability of successful people to channel sexual energy into producing brilliant work.

Honestly, I can understand the reluctance of many people to embrace, acknowledge or even understand this concept. Sex isn’t something most people are comfortable discussing openly for so many reasons. I totally respect this…

… But would you like to know an amazingly random but absolutely true fact about me? *batting eyelashes innocently* 🙂

I can literally link any & every thing to sex…with flying colors. I’ve done it since at least high school, infusing my endless bounties of pubescent lust into hormone-laced papers for Creative Writing, Latin American Literature, and in several Psych & other classes in college. I’m not a sex doctor, but I’m pretty much in love with the subject enough to have this natural talent.

Don’t be skurred, now! Consider yourself lucky; I’m about to break this sex transmutation thing down for you now, so you know exactly how and why loving, accepting and indulging in your decadent, dirty, downright sexy side boosts your ability to give your business mindblowing, back to back multiple orgasms that produce amazing results! (#BANGtastic!)

Dan Walschmidt and I had this conversation in the comments section of “The Impossibly Simple Secret to Achieving Greatness” last month. A brilliant conversation piece, Walschmidt’s assertion is that while so many of us are struggling to improve in all areas of life, we’re doing so in a robotic, loveless mindstate. In order to improve our outcome, we can’t just look for the quickest solutions to excellence; we need to make love.”[Love others]…love yourself … love what you want for yourself.”

I’ve been reading The Science of Being Great by Wallace D. Wattles; it pretty much echoes these thoughts, that being great is about being passionate. Going even further, when you think of passion, you think of sex. In order to have amazing sex, you have to love the person you’re with, love what they’re doing to you, or overall love sex enough to do amazing things and be a great lover. (Loving others, loving yourself, and again loving what you do). The more love you have for the person, the skill and the experience, not to mention yourself, the better you are at it — and if you can have great quantities of all three at once, you achieve the ultimate in greatness – orgasms, multiple if you’re lucky.

Now again, I know sound like a horny chick and that’s fine. But read Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. He truly references sex transmutation as a great skill of the best achievers. People with high sex drives possess a lot of sexual energy, which is also creative energy since sex creates life. So if we’re not making love and we’re full of passionate energy and successfully transform that sexual energy into productive and creative energy in whatever else it is we’re passionate about, we’re able to produce amazing results.

In closing, I hereby dedicate this post to one of the hottest sex songs in rap: A Tribe Called Quest’s “Hot Sex on a Platter”

Read Napoleon Hill’s Writings on Sex Transmutation in Think & Grow Rich

Do you believe in sex transmutation? Did you read what Napoleon Hill has to say? Are you feeling it in your undies? Can you think and grow rich rechanneling that frisky desire in your Lotus Flower Bomb (or Detonator)?