Drumma Boy Discusses Not Giving Up, Originality, Importance of Social Media for Music Promotion

Drumma Boy Holding a Chain

Christopher Gholson, nee Drumma Boy, is one of the most powerful forces in the hiphop music industry today. Responsible for breaking artists like Plies, Waka Flocka and 2 Chainz when they’re looking to set themselves apart from the competition in the game, Gholson’s classically inspired beats have been used to invoke dramatic performances, and even served as foundations for teaching quadratic equations in schools.

I’m pleased to announce that, after profiling Drumma Boy for J’ADORE Magazine, I hadn’t even scratched the surface of providing the depth this man has to offer, as a professional in the music industry and as a person. What you hear in this podcast covers a lot of territory artists and producers in the music industry face directly, yet never want to discuss until they’re either retired or the lid’s blown off their front. What I really liked about this interview was that, the information in here was a really informative one that serves to be helpful in any lane of business you’re in – even if you’re an Internet Marketer or Web Content writer like myself.

I will not give away too much information here, except to say the following points get covered:

  • Why Drake & Kanye West are true artists
  • Which producers he thinks are really doing their thing at the moment
  • Why being stuck at “98% download” is your make or break moment
  • Not giving up when you’re over your head and swimming in debt – like $80k or more in overdraft on your bank account!
  • How Drumma Boy produced Waka Flocka’s “No Hands” in 5 minutes with a room full of people – without hearing anything!
  • His upcoming social media initiative for artists, the Art & Soul Society
  • Why his music is “Gumbo”
  • Why World Star Hip Hop, Twitter and social media marketing is effective for generating a buzz
  • How he won a challenge to make $100k in 10 months to prove himself to his father
  • Who he won’t waste his time working with

Drumma Boy Quotes:

In my eyes, the only producers I honestly respect is Justice League, you know what I’m saying? Them my homies; if you listen to the music that they produce, it’s on that level of what I’m talking about. They did “Magnificent” with Rick Ross and John Legend, they did “Mayback Music” with Jay-Z and Rick Ross, a lot of classics. With me, it’s always foreign for a true musician to see another musician put some music out that’s dope. That’s what Beethoven, Sebastian [and] Mozart did.

Generation before me had Dre, Timbaland and Neptunes. You had Biggie, Jay-Z and Nas. And Eminem [snuck] his way into it because Nas dropped out the battle. My main thing is just bringing forth music that I believe in. And I believe in music.  I know I’m generally speaking, but when I say I believe in music I believe in, I believe in rock and roll, I believe in country, I believe in pop. I believe in all genres of music; that’s why people call my music gumbo. It’s so much music that I’ve done that you probably still don’t even know about, you know what I’m saying? And then we doing sound scores and movie scripts and blasé, blah.

 My main thing is delivering to a company and making the company money. First song I did for Plies [was] “Shawty” featuring T-Pain. Breaking artists, you know what I’m saying? That record did over 3 million ringtones. Broke him as an artist. Waka, First song I did for him, like you said, “No Hands” – broke him as an artist. First song I did for 2 Chainz, “Boo,” featuring Yo Gotti. Number 38 on the Billboards, followed by [“Spend It”] “I’m riding round, and I’m getting’ it/ I’m riding round and I’m gettin’ it.”

And that’s so easy, that’s what people don’t understand. I’m making these companies money using one percent of my brain! This is something we made in 5 minutes.

I made “No Hands” in 5 minutes in front of 100 people all crowded around my equipment. I couldn’t even touch the keyboard the way I wanted to. I couldn’t even reach my Beat Machine. There’s people all in the way, ladies in there talking and laughing and joking and… you know what I’m saying? I could hear it in my head. That’s why I respect Beethoven so much! He couldn’t even hear and was making music. And I’m the same way. I can be in a room full of noise and barely hear the music that I’m making and still make a hot beat – cause I already hear it in my head.

It’s all about painting a picture. Everything we’ve said has been said before. Everything you’ve seen has been seen before. Life has been going on for thousands and thousands and thousands of years before us, man.  So, for you to think you the new nigga or you the first nigga to do this or the first one to do that, like you the first one to say some shit, like nigga? Like, Oh man, I just came up with this new term man, and then like, they look it up and see someone else is saying it. There’s a difference between the context, like you said, and the references. You’ve got to make it believable. It’s like writing a paper. When your teacher tells you to write your English paper or journalism paper, they know if you gotdamn plagiarized. If I read this paper, like, Come on man, this don’t even sound right; it don’t sound like you. I know who you are, but this paper don’t have anything to do with you! It takes a lot more than that. You’ve gotta make it you. You have to write that paper like you’re speaking it in front of the class.

Everything is an art. Real artists understand that everything you do is an art. Like, I’ve had to explain that to a lot of people in many different ways. Like I’m a therapist first and foremost. People call me this and that, but I’m a therapist. I bless peoples’ souls, I make an impact on peoples’ lives. It’s not about me selling beats, making music, making money. Fuck money. A real artist understands that the manipulation of the mind can bring you power, and can bring you anything you need. 

I’ve been negative 80k, neg 100, neg 200. Where half these niggas would have blown their head off, committed suicide, been stressed the fuck out, ran for their life – all these other options instead of [thinking], Damn let me just make some more beats and sell this shit right quick. Here go one for twenty, here go one for thirty, here go another for twenty-five… regardless of what you’re selling them for. You got a goal and you’ve gotta make it.  I got a quota; I’m finna stack this bread. I might be two weeks late. They charge me interest, alright cool, but that’s the penalty I pay for being the motherfucker that situation. So 80k turn into 120 but shit at least I ain’t in debt no more. Fuck it. Now I’m back down to zero. 

And a lot of motherfuckers be scared to spend their last money! Like, really scared to spend that shit. Like “$1500. This the last money I got, my rent gotdamn $1399, I got late fees and blasé blah. You know what? Fuck this shit, here go my whole $1500. I don’t even need to eat nothing. Fuck that shit. I got a couple of homeboys who will buy me food for the next couple of days. All I need is two days to make 20 beats. Just give me two days. Aye my nigga just food for me for like the next two days. Get me a little smoke sack, some vodka… and let me go to work for 48 hours, make 20 beats. I’ma just stack up inventory. And out of them 20 beats, guess what? “White Girls” was one of them beats. “Standing Ovation” was one of them beats. Paul Wall’s “Gimme That” was one of them beats. You know what I’m saying, man? Shit is real!

I know niggas can’t do what I done, done. I’ve seen them give up. I’ve seen them drop out. I’ve been in the race since I was 13. I’ve seen so many cats be at like 98% download and quit. Abort! Mission aborted. Like word?! Cause the last 2 percent was going to take like for fuckin’ forever? Word?! Like, shit is real. I ain’t trying to use that many cuss words, you can clean me up. 

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