Hot Sex on a Platter: Sex Makes You Think & Grow Rich

beautiful blonde woman on bed

I’m going to be real – this post in particular is going to be sexually explicit. We’re all adults, right? So I’m going to say this, and it will be respectfully understood without getting out of hand and thrown out of context. Think deep and allow me to go there with you, or move to another post.

I’m lusty and sensual by nature; by chance, perhaps you are too. Have you ever wondered if there was a link between your sex drive and how successful you are in general? Have you ever struggled through an extended creative slump that, for whatever reason, seemed to have no end in sight? If so, did you ever examine your libido and its relationship to your creative skills? Continue reading

Thanks to Bruce Leroy, My ButterBottom Feels Soft to the Touch

soft butterbottom yoga pants

Warning: This whole post is riddled with sweet helpings of booty meat sprinkled with libidinous whimsy. Thus said, if you can’t take me backing up all these jiggly-wiggly booty-based posts on you, I suggest you click over to the next post! Yowza!

So… After talking with several of you about the need to implement more feminine luxury in my life, I realized this is why I haven’t launched my dream site, based on sex and beauty, yet. That site is the culmination of  all things feminine luxury and incorporating it into a daily lifestyle for all women, using tips and techniques from babes of all ethnicities. (We’ll get to this later; the first few posts are coming soon!) Continue reading

My Birthday Weekend, Content Marketing & Establishing a Digital Strategy

Sexy Focused Ambitious Lauryn Doll Blog

I’m celebrating my birthday (January 21) this weekend, so while I was temporarily forced not to work,  I couldn’t stop myself from indulging in my work this weekend. Sorry, I love what I do. I guess that’s the best thing about my hustle.

Been reading Content Marketing: Think Like a Publisher – How to Use Content to Market Online and in Social Media by Rebecca Lieb (@lieblink). Awesome book. Really like the presentation of information. While the book’s voice is highly professional in disseminating expert information, Lieb’s voice is thorough; highly conversational. Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Lauryn! By the Way, Your Ovaries Exploded.

January 21 - Greatness was born~

In case you weren’t already made aware, today, January 21, is my birthday. :)

Among the fact that it’s the first day of Aquarius birthdays, I share my birthday with Ming Lee Simmons (Russell and Kimora’s first daughter), Nokio from Dru Hill, Baby Spice and my own cousin, Zarah. More interestingly enough, I was born on Monday, January 21 – which is officially Martin Luther King Day… during a Deep Artic freeze that basically shook the entire U.S.

In other words, hell froze over the day I arrived – a pure sign that greatness had entered the building.  Continue reading

Data Mining: Random Things People Searched For on My Site

I’m always curious to see what search queries people use to end up on my site. Sometimes they make sense. Sometimes they are too random to understand. I’m going to amuse myself and look at some of them! Let’s have some fun.

things you couldn’t pay me to do

Ha… that’s a great blog idea.

who gone stop me

Good question :D

how many times has drake fallen in love 

How many licks does it take to get the center of a Tootsie pop?

cuffing season rules 

Cuff Season help? Right here!

luxury sex doll 

random shit people google on thelauryndoll

Fuck it – this game is over. I’m going to read a book or something. :-/

Are You Using Amazon’s KDP Lending to Make Royalties?

Amazon Kindle Fire KDP SELECT DETAILSI’m still in the midst of rewriting one of my ebooks for Amazon, but I noticed that sales for it – and a few other titles – dwindled severely – in the last few months. Luckily, for publishers like me who need to monetize their products as much as possible, Amazon has recently launched the KDP Select initiative. KDP Select has been sourced with at least $6 million in funding for 2012, and is being used to cross promote several Amazon products and services, including Amazon Prime and the Kindle line. Here’s an official email from the company explaining how the program works. Continue reading

Man of War: On the Grind with Warchyld


Everyone, meet Warchyld. While from West Philadelphia, born and raised, he’s no Will Smith. While both artists have incredible musical talent and crossover appeal, Warchyld is less bubblegum and family-oriented. His blazing single, “Google Me Now,” heard on the season finale of Oxygen’s The World According to Paris, is only a taste of what the artist has to offer.  Guns blazing, now’s the time for him to fight his way to the number one spot. To all the other artists out there: Bring it: he’s ready for war. Continue reading

wild python remixed

Control Freak

Control Freak

Sometimes you something so bad, you forget to release control of the details: when and how it’s going to happen – and most especially, who will be involved. Keep trying to be a control freak and you’ll be disappointed.

Let go. Let God. Ashe. Namaste.


I’m Successful at Failing because I’m a Beautiful Disaster

lonely thoughts to success Today, overall, was an awesome day. The Giants destroyed the Green Bay Packers today, and my friends surprised me with a nice spa gift because my birthday is this Saturday.

The Packers went 15 and 1 this season but it did not matter. Nicks and Manning really went hard for the win. I’m just going to say I’m really, really grateful. I’m just extremely happy that we beat Green Bay and their Cheeseheads, because they were going hard to gloat about the win they were so sure of – much like the Jets – until we shut it down! Continue reading

2012: Spicy Dragon Balls & Fire Flavored Sushi

Lauryn Doll 2012 Goals

2012 is here, and despite all of the highly cliche shit that I hate about starting off a new year or being like everyone else, I’m going to flow with it right now and focus on something that’s extremely important: goal development, planning, implementation and execution. Yes, that’s right, I’m going to talk about setting specific goals for myself and my desires/plans for achieving them.

Are the possibilites strong that I won’t accomplish all of them? Yes. Continue reading