Hot Sex on a Platter: Sex Makes You Think & Grow Rich

I’m going to be real – this post in particular is going to be sexually explicit. We’re all adults, right? So I’m going to say this, and it will be respectfully understood without getting out of hand and thrown out of context. Think deep and allow me to go there with you, or move to another post.

I’m lusty and sensual by nature; by chance, perhaps you are too. Have you ever wondered if there was a link between your sex drive and how successful you are in general? Have you ever struggled through an extended creative slump that, for whatever reason, seemed to have no end in sight? If so, did you ever examine your libido and its relationship to your creative skills? Continue reading

Are You Using Amazon’s KDP Lending to Make Royalties?

Amazon Kindle Fire KDP SELECT DETAILSI’m still in the midst of rewriting one of my ebooks for Amazon, but I noticed that sales for it – and a few other titles – dwindled severely – in the last few months. Luckily, for publishers like me who need to monetize their products as much as possible, Amazon has recently launched the KDP Select initiative. KDP Select has been sourced with at least $6 million in funding for 2012, and is being used to cross promote several Amazon products and services, including Amazon Prime and the Kindle line. Here’s an official email from the company explaining how the program works. Continue reading

Man of War: On the Grind with Warchyld


Everyone, meet Warchyld. While from West Philadelphia, born and raised, he’s no Will Smith. While both artists have incredible musical talent and crossover appeal, Warchyld is less bubblegum and family-oriented. His blazing single, “Google Me Now,” heard on the season finale of Oxygen’s The World According to Paris, is only a taste of what the artist has to offer.  Guns blazing, now’s the time for him to fight his way to the number one spot. To all the other artists out there: Bring it: he’s ready for war. Continue reading

Hip Hop Music Business Marketing with Warchyld

Hip Hop Marketing with Warchyld

Marketing yourself isn’t easy, especially in the entertainment business. It’s even more difficult if you’re working to make a name for yourself as a hip-hop artist. Successfully navigating the music business requires tenacity, skill and hustle. With so many sharks in the water, and an overabundance of competition looking to outshine you every step of the way, you’ve got to be prepared to hit the ground running and never give up. Continue reading